Last Thursday, the sixth grade students met Thierry Brun and Claude Leynaud, beekeepers and volunteers with the association for the defence of bees called “GDSA”.

Mr Brun and Mr Leynaud showed a beehive whose frames were still covered with honey as well as various beekeeping tools to explain to the students how bees live in a colony, the dangers they face and the role beekeepers play in protecting them.

In another respect, Pierre-Yves Micquel from the association “Entre Ciel et Terre” led the eigth grade students to reflect on the use of pesticides. It is a tricky issue, as although pesiticides are proven to be dangerous, it is also difficult to find efficient alternatives to produce enough food to feed men… and yet…

These energetic presentations aroused many questions among students and led to relevant reflections.


A contest of honey-based recipes was held among the seventh grade students. 41 students took part in this mouth-watering competition. After choosing the category in which they wished to compete, namely cake, biscuit, gingerbread or candy, each young pastry cook prepared their recipe and presented it on Monday, December 16th to be tasted by a jury.

16 jury members evaluated the visual and taste qualities of each dish, the name written on a nicely crafted label, the oral description of the recipe as well as the presentation of the honeypot used, local of course.

How delicious for the taste buds and how delightful for the eyes! And how proud the jury was to see teenagers so involved, so creative and so gifted with pastry cooking!

Twelve students were rewarded and all of them got a “Little Pastry Chef” diploma.

Teachers, parents, staff and beekeepers were all impressed by the quality of the work carried out by the students.

This proved to be an interesting experience to try other working methods and to put the spotlight on our students… as well as on local honey!

We warmly thank all the participants for their seriousness, their friendliness and for the delicious honey-based sweet dishes!


Prize-giving of the photo contest about pollinators🐝
Congratulations to each of you for your involvement!

“CR Henri Clement”


An event for the tasting of local honey-based products was organized by the students of the “3ème Prépa Pro” at the Collège Notre Dame. The “Chalet” was open to enable students of the school to taste honey from Limouze, honey made by Mr Boulet, gingerbread and honey-flavoured sweets from the “Ruchers de l’Aubrac”.

To go with these sweets, some elderberry syrup made by Mr Mathieu was offered to drink. That day was a real success because everything was prepared with seriousness and motivation: from the hand-made decorations (holly, beeswax candles…) to the warm and friendly service. Everyone is unanimous in congratulating the students of the 3ème Prépa Pro!


Six students from the “Section Européenne” optional course got the privilege of being juries in the contest of Honey from Lozère 2018. It was an enriching experience! Accompanied by the presidents of the jury, they followed the tasting protocol and the evaluation criteria so as to give their opinion on the election of the best kinds of honey of the year. The team of the Collège Notre Dame wishes to give wholehearted thanks to Henri Clément, the president of the Beekeeping Federation of Lozère, for that atypical and very instructive morning, as well for his support to the Beecome project.

Making of French Bee Bang Theory

Wax Workshop Bouldoire

Symbolism of bees

Trapping Vespa Velutina

As part of the Erasmus + Beecome project the week of 13 to 17 May, the Collège Notre-Dame de Marvejols welcomed European friends: Croats, Italians, Austrians, Germans, Spanish. During this week the students through several activities (Icebreakers, Vallon du Villaret, activities at the college… ) have learned to know each other, or to consolidate ties with certain comrades already encountered during the travels in Sicily and Spain. On Tuesday morning outing at the Tronc apiary at the Pont de Montvert and the visit at the Parc des Loups du Gévaudan was the opportunity to make discover our beautiful and dear Lozère. Two outings that satisfied everyone so much the scenery and the tours were good. But we must not forget the purpose of this mobility. On Thursday 16 May all the students gathered to present a conference in English on the dangers suffered by bees. Each country takes turns presenting its work. And since the disappearance of the bees is a danger for the planet, students and teachers invaded the streets of Marvejols for a great march (led by Madame Gibelin, the project leader) to mobilize people to the dangers suffered by bees. A week enjoyed by everyone rich in sharing, conviviality, culture and emotion.

Survey Beecause

A survey about the Beecause Day in France.